Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post Holiday Symptoms

Foldable roofs of Prophet's Mosque. Early morning shot using my iPhone.

I just got back from 2 weeks vacation. Alhamdulillah I managed to perform Umrah and visit to holy cities of Mecca and Medina together with my wife, mother in law and 2 sisters in law. I spent 8 days for the Umrah trip and 6 days in Kuala Lumpur. It was one of the best home retreats I had since becoming an expatriate. I think the last 6 days in KL were the first holidays where I didnt have any specific plan to do except hanging out with my wife and son at home. It was so relaxing and fulfilling. My wife was happier because she got to spend some quality time with her mother and sisters after they came back from Umrah.

As an after effect, now I am back in Dubai and suffer a post holiday depression (sounds like a big word when I write it). In addition I am having a viral high fever in a heat of Dubai's summer. My body temperature rose to 39.5 degrees celcius yesterday which was nearly the overall temperature of Dubai's summer at 41 degrees celcius. As a result I had many bad dreams and hallucinations whilst at sleep because of the high body temperature. It has been a while since I felt really sick like this.

Today I felt a lot better and am trying to focus my mind to positive channels. I cannot let myself down with depression of missing my family so much, as it will not benefit my well being and purposes here. Yesterday I took a sick leave, and hooked on Skype video for almost 3 hours with my wife and son including a cooking session in my kitchen. It was fun and made me feel that my wife and son were at home with me.

Recently I had subscribed to Fitness First gym membership. All this while I could avoid going to a paid gym because I had good gym facilities at my apartment. But the gymnasium in my current department has been closed until further notice which is quite frustrating. I have gained a lot of weight to the point that I could feel it changes the way I move around. For example my feet really hurt when I walked in bare foot whilst performing tawaf and sae'i during umrah. I cannot sit long without feeling a muscle cramp on my abdomen. So I must loose some weight as soon as possible before it leads to another serious problem.

It is the month of June again. I guess it is natural for me to have this feeling of reviewing all my decisions and having a dilemma in the middle of a year. When I looked back at this blog archive in the past June, I was amazed to see how a year passes so quickly nowadays. It was in June 2008 when I had my last oversea gig trip with my band Dewangga Sakti. They are now still actively performing for events in KL without me. It was also in June 2009 when I had my first jam session with musician friends in Dubai. Some of them now have gone back to Malaysia for good. So I dont have any jamming activity anymore. And here I am in June 2010, having a high fever and post holiday depression at home alone.

Well that is a cycle of life. I am sure there will be more good progress to come if I focus on it.


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