Monday, August 25, 2008

My Triplet Brothers

Picture by IIUM

I just got back from IIUM 24th Convocation Ceremony and witnessed 2 of my triplet younger brothers receiving their scrolls. I am proud and very happy for them. One of them even graduated with a first class honours degree in Bachelor of Biomedical Science. The other one graduated with honours in Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing. The third one has already graduated from UKM last year and now working with a Petronas subsidiary.

The Graduands

This 24th IIUM Convocation also features for the first time the new design for convocation attire. The obvious difference is the mortarboard which replaces the songkok. They have also changed the design of the robe i.e new fabric material, motifs and a hood at the back. At first when my brothers told me that IIUM graduands no longer wear songkok for convocation, I thought that was an unnecessary change. What is wrong with songkok as convocation headgear? It is unique and showcase a traditional element of Malay costume. Perhaps because songkok carries an identity of Malay ethnic, so it does not quite blend with the aspiration of an international university? When I read IIUM News Bulletin, it says that in conjunction with the Silver Jubilee of IIUM this year, IIUM has decided to come up with a new design for the convocation attire and they chose mortar board and beefeater as head gear to be consistent with other Malaysian universities. The decision was also based on survey at historical records of Muslim scholars' attire. My father told me the mortar board was first introduced by Imam Al Ghazali in Baghdad.

I have not had the chance to visit the convocation fiesta at convo hill. So I don't know how big and happening the fiesta is. I managed to look at posters advertising the important programmes during the fiesta but could not find anything interesting. In fact I wondered why did they have a marriage course as one of the major programmes during convocation fiesta. Is marriage an immediate agenda after graduation guys?

I was standing in front of the C.A.C main entrance when peoples suddenly gathered to see a VVIP of the day. I thought it should be the Sultan of Pahang. But to my surprise it was Mursyidul Am Ustaz Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz. Apparently one of his children graduated today. Congratulation Datuk Seri !

Takbir !

To both my brothers Nain & Ooi, congratulation ! I could see the joy and satisfaction in your faces. Today's occasion is just the beginning of the reward for all your efforts for the past 6 years. More rewards will come but more hard works are required. Let me be the first to welcome you to the world of reality, where fair play is not required and dream may not come true.

Oh yea..I had anticipated today that my father would bring up a topic on when I will start my Phd course after he looked at the list of Phd graduands today. But I guess he was so busy with my son Adrin and the topic didn't come up at all. Fuhh lega... But don't worry is in the pipeline (and the pipe is taking a detour to a desert soon..hehe)

Adrin and his 10 cents face !

Last but not least, to my brothers, thank you very much for making this day to be another happiest day for Ayah and Emak.

"To support mother and father, to cherish wife and child
and to have a simple livelihood,
this is the good luck"

Prince Gautama Siddharta

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Bass Guitar got cracked...again !

What a tragedy !... after all the care and attention my bass guitar fell again and cracked its neck again. Yes this is the second time. The first time it happened was due to a motorcycle accident back in 1999. I think my friend Zulkifli still remember the incident because he was riding with me when I lost control and my motorcycle skidded. It costs me almost RM200 to refurbish the cracked neck last time.

This time I don't know when I am going to fix the cracked neck. I am tempted at the same time to buy a new guitar, but I don't know. This bass guitar is more than just a guitar to me. It has been with me since 1998. Her name is Aria Pro II stb series. What I love most about her is her deep and fat sound. So far I have not come across any other bass guitars which can give me that deep and fat sound. The sound didn't come originally with the guitar when I purchased it. But it evolved by the aging of the wood. I love it !

I definitely will have to leave Aria when I go to Dubai. But it is too bad that I have to leave her in this condition. I hope I will be able to fix her again when the situation allows. There are so many other difficult things which I have to manage at the moment and the least that I want is anything bad to happen to my loved ones. Unfortunately Aria is fated to go through this ordeal.

I pray to the Almighty the rest of my loved ones will be sound and safe..

NOTE: Oh ya.. Zulkifli's gambus broke too. What a coincidence.

It takes a minute to have a crush
an hour to like
a day to love
but it takes a lifetime to forget

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ar Rehlah ila Dubai?

Wow it has been long time since I last checked my blog. Not that I dont have story to tell here but in fact I have so many things going on at the same time I don't know which one should be shared in this blog.

Then I realised the title of this blog is KEMBARA ILMU, so it is supposed to talk about my journey for knowledge which in reality, about my day to day understanding of the events, peoples and things around me.

So remember about the Important Decision I have made last month? Yes it was actually about a career move to oversea. I think a few of my close friends have already known that I accepted a job offer in Dubai. I will still continue to practise law but not in Malaysia jurisdiction but in Dubai/UAE jurisdiction. I am joining a regional law firm in Dubai for Islamic banking and finance practice which is what I have been doing here in Kuala Lumpur.

The interview parts and securing the job was easy, Alhamdulillah. But the ones proves to be tedious are all the process for visa and looking for a shelter in Dubai. But again I think it becomes tedious because I had to manage it whilst working.

Just to show you the nitty gritty which i have to go through for my residence visa:

1) Get my law degrees certified by UAE Embassy - but before they can certify my certificates I need to get certification from Wisma Putra and Ministry of Higher Education in Putrajaya.
2) Cost of certification - RM10 per copy with Wisma Putra, RM150 per copy with UAE Embassy plus petrol and toll to Putrajaya
3) Collection of documents - less than 1 hour with both Wisma Putra and Ministry of Higher Education, but 2 days with UAE Embassy. The Embassy can certify your certificate less than 1 hour but with extra fee of RM75. Macam tu pula...

And then come the issue of accommodation in Dubai. I have been searching the internet for room or apartment for rental for about 1 month now. The reality in Dubai is that everything nice is still under construction and they construct it for the rich peoples. Everything new in Dubai is of high quality and come with high price. So a small room rental per month can cost me more than a month salary in Malaysia. To make matter worst most of the landlords want you to pay rental one year upfront by 1 - 3 cheques. How absurd is that?

That is where their economy is directed i.e Dubai is built to be a place where rich people want to come and spend money. The result will be a small rat like me have to pay at premium just to get a basic necessity like a bedspace, room or flat. Hahah... already I am complaining. But this is reality and every place has its own pros and cons. In summation, I still dont have any confirmed accommodation in Dubai at the moment.

What about the pros? As of now I can see it in my letter of offer only...hehe . But I am hoping to see more. Life is not all about work and money.

Another cons would be my involvement in Dewangga Sakti. There is no way I can be active with them whilst living in Dubai. I plan just to continue listening to the music and practising with my bass guitar. Perhaps I could still jam with them whenever I go back to KL.

All in all the above are just what I expect it to be. I am excited but at the same time very worried and anxious about the move. Is this for real? Am I cut for this?

Last but not least, as a preparation to lead a closest possible life like in Malaysia, my wife has graciously taught me on how to prepare Nasi Lemak. Today I brought and ate Nasi Lemak prepared by myself. Below is the picture. Delicious.... and I found out a box of Nasi Lemak is sold at AED16 in Dubai. Oh Nasi Lemak...

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream"

Vincent Van Gogh


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