Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Bass Guitar got cracked...again !

What a tragedy !... after all the care and attention my bass guitar fell again and cracked its neck again. Yes this is the second time. The first time it happened was due to a motorcycle accident back in 1999. I think my friend Zulkifli still remember the incident because he was riding with me when I lost control and my motorcycle skidded. It costs me almost RM200 to refurbish the cracked neck last time.

This time I don't know when I am going to fix the cracked neck. I am tempted at the same time to buy a new guitar, but I don't know. This bass guitar is more than just a guitar to me. It has been with me since 1998. Her name is Aria Pro II stb series. What I love most about her is her deep and fat sound. So far I have not come across any other bass guitars which can give me that deep and fat sound. The sound didn't come originally with the guitar when I purchased it. But it evolved by the aging of the wood. I love it !

I definitely will have to leave Aria when I go to Dubai. But it is too bad that I have to leave her in this condition. I hope I will be able to fix her again when the situation allows. There are so many other difficult things which I have to manage at the moment and the least that I want is anything bad to happen to my loved ones. Unfortunately Aria is fated to go through this ordeal.

I pray to the Almighty the rest of my loved ones will be sound and safe..

NOTE: Oh ya.. Zulkifli's gambus broke too. What a coincidence.

It takes a minute to have a crush
an hour to like
a day to love
but it takes a lifetime to forget


tamlikha said...

alahai arlong,

gitar bass ko ni byk kenangan la, sebelum ko g dubai moleklah kiranya ko repair dia dulu...

aku ingat lagi first incident tu, zoy bertungkus lumus berguling nyelamatkan gitar tu lepas kita balik jamming kot, that guitar was being so sentimental to you, cryptic as well as dewangga, kasik repair bro.......

cohong gym said...

Aku setuju dengan Rojet. Kasi repair la. Banyak sentimental value tu. Dah sepuluh tahun kau dengan bass tu. Takkan nak biarkan macam tu je. Dia pun ada perasaan gak. Cuba kau bayangkan kalau tangan kau patah. Mesti mau pegi repair kasi elok. Sama la dengan bass tu. Dia pun nak kau repair. Nak pegi repair sendiri tak de duit, dia anak yatim piatu.


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