Wednesday, March 5, 2008

By Way of Introduction

I have been reading other peoples' blog for the past 2 years . I read blogs about politics, economy, philosophy, family, arts, history, lifestyle, food ...the list is never ending. Blogging is really a lifestyle now. Indeed I have seen emails from new friends who not only give out their telephone and office details but also their blog addresses. It amazes me how blogging has contributed in changing the social relations of people. For professional and amatuer writers blogging is the fastest way of communicating their ideas to the public, cutting short the hassle of submission and editing process if they submit their writings to magazine or newspaper company. For the reserved and introvert (like me I guess) blogging is the avenue to be sincere (in this context sincerity means to just speak your mind and dont care about others) and to speak out. For the peoples with views and ideas, I think they eat, sleep and shit while blogging...I have read so many postings about this I tell you !

Well anyway, the reason for this blog (do I need a reason?) is to share my feelings, thoughts, discovery, excitement, stupidity and comments in my quest for knowledge. Very abstract right?...of course, since I dont have any idea what to write next in this blog. Even at the time of typing a sentence in this post I didnt have any idea on what the next sentence is going to be.

But to be sure there will be something to be shared in this blog. Salam

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cohong gym said...

yessss!!!! finally you got your own blog. Tahniah. Allah selamatkan Panda hehehehehe


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