Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pic: The Great Mosque in Xian, China

Have you watched the short video entitled 'FITNA' by the Dutch MP Geert Wilder? I watched it yesterday in Youtube. The title itself is actually cynical because 'fitna' is Arabic word which means unfounded accusation. But if you see the contents of the video you will see footages of speeches, bombings and beheading which are real and those speeches and acts were spoken/done by Muslim leaders and terrorists in the name of Islam. To me these events happened and are founded facts. But the footages are featured after a quotation of relevant verses in Al-Quran as if the despicable acts and hate speeches were done in the true context of the quoted verses of Al-Quran. This is not true, misleading and totally wrong.

So I was thinking who should we be angry at? Who is our real enemy?

Naturally yes..we should condemn the maker of the video and that is what I am seeing the reaction from all nook and corner of Muslim world now.

But what do we expect? A non Muslim to understand the true context of the verses in Al-Quran whilst watching in the news the atrocities done by persons confessed to have done it in accordance with Islamic teaching?

Geert Wilder and others who tarnish Islam should be confronted and told that their doings are unfair and create more hatred in this world. But I say the real enemy here are the terrorists who claim to be true Muslim and follow true teaching of Islam. These people are the confused lot and they are armed and dangerous.

They say their war against the jews and western countries are justified because the jews and western are doing the same to their people and country (read Palestine). Yes I support Palestinian rights to have their own country but to me their war should be fought as national war for independence. Why fight it in the name of a religion?

These peoples are not Islamists but religionists. Religionists are peoples who use and manipulate religion to justify their action. And this time they are manipulating Islam. They are the ones who 'fitna' Islam.

"Islam derives from word 'aslama' means to submit and resign oneself,
and word 'aslem' means to make peace and surrender"


cohong gym said...

Who we should blame for the misunderstanding of Islam among the westerners? The Muslim themselves. We should blame ourselves because we failed to show them the beauty of Islam.
Look at the world now. The Islamic countries are among the poorest in the world. Because of their different understanding of the islamic teaching, they have treated human unfairly especially women. I can understand why the westerners despise Islam so much. The extreamist are using Islam as their platform to kill the innocents by claiming that the "Kafir" blood is halal.
If the Muslim can follow the true teaching if Islam and show the world what Islam is all about, i guarantee the Westerners will understand and accept Islam.
After we blame ourselves, then we can blame the Westerners (especially Jews and the cronies) for poisoning the world with their propaganda.

Syamsulfaiz said...

Blame ourself first. Yes I can't agree more with you.


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