Monday, April 14, 2008

I am grateful for this life !


Praise be to Allah the Almighty for giving me this beautiful life of mine and the peoples around it.

I am 32 years old today. If I am destined to live a 100 years, I am in 2 years of my 2nd quarter.

I was born in a year when Sex Pistol released their first single 'Anarchy in the U.K'. But I jammed the song only after 18 years later.

I was a 5 year old kid when Tun Mahathir was elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Of course on the day he was elected I still couldn't understand how important a Prime Minister is. But for 22 years I have only known him as the Prime Minister of my country and gradually understand the importance of his job.

I was 8 years old when suddenly my parents left me for 42 days. Later I found out they went to a holy place called Mekah. I cried in happiness when my father greeted me after his long trip. I wanted to ask question why did he shave his head and grow beard, but I saved the question for fear he will ask where did I get all the monies to buy so many 'Dendang' toys. ("Dendang was a very popular kid snack in my hometown back in the 80's and it costs me a whopping 50 cents a box ! luckily my mother showed to me her secret coins box, a day before she left for the long trip).

I was 14 years old when my younger brother and I went to our fruit orchard, one day after lunch, and had our first smoking session. We had many great times smoking together after that until I quit for good last year.

I was 15 years old when I first listened to a thrash metal song by a group called Sacrifice from Canada. From that year onward I kept myself updated on any bands who say they play thrash metal, death metal and black metal music. 5 years later I was accepted to join an underground band called Cryptic Malediction formed by a group of head banging guitar smashing university students. They asked me to play bass guitar and from that year I struggled hard to be known as a bass player.

I was still 22 years old when the only Prime Minister I ever had shaken hand with sacked my university's president who happened to be his Deputy. I was confused to see how my friends reacted to the incident but decided to join the first protest in my university by throwing newspapers all over the places because it was fun thing to do. But I felt disappointed when in the next year after that peoples declared April 14 as their Black 14. Don't they know other peoples like me has been granted a life on April 14? I will never call April 14 as the Black 14 !

I was 25 years old and was struggling to understand a page in my Arabic textbook for my 2nd degree in Bachelor of Laws (Shariah) when the television set in front of me showed an aeroplane nose-dive into a building. For a moment I thought it was a movie but it was actually a live telecast from CNN. Since that year I learnt it is not cool in the US to speak Arabic or look Arabs.

I was 26 years old when the Court called me to a lifetime job. But I am happy to know I can charge people for what I do, write and say.

I felt I was the most handsome man on planet earth in my 29 years old of life when a woman agreed to accompany me for our love sad and joy together. She is definitely the smartest woman on planet earth ! She is so beautiful too. On that same year I had a joy to find out the University agreed to grant me a master degree when I myself could hardly feel anything I can master at after 29 years of life.

Allah must be pleased with me that he answered my prayer for another life after 31 years. My second life is in a form of a cute healthy boy which my wife and I named Muhammad Adrin.

Today is Adrin's first day with the babysitter. Later he probably remember this day and maybe write about it. But I hope he definitely remember this day as April 14 the day his father was born.

Happy Birthday to me and thank you for reading this entry !! Yahooooo

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln


drbubbles said...

Happy birthday bro! Teruskan berkarya beb!

Syamsulfaiz said...

Terima kasih Drbubbles. Sungguh tak disangka tuan sudi singgah di sini. Ikut tulisan Zoy tuan menjadi gila sekejap di pesta buku. We should meet someday. I admire your charity works.

Anonymous said...

Sampai juga aku di sini!!! best juga cerita ko ni Long! Mesti lawat selalu ni!

cohong gym said...

hepi birthday en along. semoga panjang umur dan panjang errrrr...hehehehhe.

Abafahim said...

hepi belated besday.

tq singgah kat blog aku, aku dah mintak ko punya blog address kat cohong sebelum ni. dengan blog ni aku rasa bebas, at least ada jugak org nak baca apa yg tengah aku pikirkan..

keep in touch, hope to hear from u soon bro.

Syamsulfaiz said...

Terima kasih kepada kawan2 yang sudi singgah di sini. Aku harap dgn blog kita semua bertambah rapat lagi. Hoorayy

Usratika said...

selamat hari lahir ke 32 bro syam...ku prasan namanya n bro zul waktu tgk web encylopedia metallum..hehhe..wktu tu baru masuk matrik uia taun 2000..pastu tak alih2 terperasan lak bila kenal dewangga sakti..tapi dok snyap tkut trsalah orang..hehehe..maju trus maju

Syamsulfaiz said...

Terima kasih Usratika. Sungguh banyak sekali blog kelolaan saudara. Encyclopedia apakah itu? Di mana boleh aku dapatkan sesalinan?

ApOgEE said...

Happy Birthday.. I've wished this already in your house... but haven't wished here... lol :P


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