Thursday, September 11, 2008


RAMADHAN MUBARAK...! This is my first blog posting during a holy month of Ramadhan. Although this is the month when I as a Muslim observe fasting from dawn till dusk but my mind normally think about food more during this month. So getting less food will result thinking more about food.

So on the first day of Ramadhan me and my family gathered for our first Iftar (fasting break !) at my parents' house in Tanjung Malim. This gathering a la reunion dinner was very important to me as nothing beat my Emak's signature dishes as a ground breaking Iftar for the month. However this year Emak decided to go simple compare to the previous years. So we had sweet sour fish, mixed veggies, tomyam (by my wife), umai (by my wife), chili prawns, curry puff and home-made rambutan jelly.

First Day Iftar

On the third day my wife and I decided to have Iftar at Roadhouse Grill restaurant in Jalan Ampang. To my surprise it was on my wife because she said she wanted to make up for my birthday dinner which we missed in last April. Yes last April we couldn't celebrate my birthday because we decided to save every extra cents that we have for Adrin's pram and 2 car seats. So the theme of the restaurant was the wild west frontier or cowboy style. True to the theme when they served bread and butter, I asked for butter knife but the waiter replied "sorry sir we don't have butter knife, you can use your steak knife...cowboy style". Oh I see..

Cowboy dishes

Then 2 days ago we tried a new restaurant in Taman Melati called Memori Corner. The restaurant's wall is full with Sudin's pictures by cartoonist Lat (if I am not mistaken). It brings back memory of chilhood games in kampung like batu seremban, ketinting, main guli and enjit-enjit semut. But what really brought back my memory was when I saw some hand-made wooden rifles hanged on the restaurant's wall. Wow..I used to make my own wooden rifle when I was a kid. I wonder whether kids in kampung nowadays know how to make it...DIY ! Or maybe they just buy a plastic one in supermarket. I looked at Adrin and thought ...this boy will never get the chance, what a shame. As for the food...yes this post is about food, we had mee rebus and curry mee which the menu claims to be the restaurant's signature dishes. The foods were delicious !

Memori Corner

OK..what shall we have for Iftar tomorrow...

Come, Come again!
Whatever you are…
Whether you are disbeliever,
idolater or fireworshipper.
You have broken your vows
of repentance a hundred times
this is not the gate of despair,
this is the gate of hope.
Come, come again…

Jalaludin Rumi, Poet


cohong gym said...

Woit, apa cite makan tak sudah-sudah. Buncit la kau nanti.

Alif Lam said...

makan ketika lapar.. berhenti sebelum kenyang.. itu je formula kalau nak sihat, petua turun temurun drp baginda junjungan tercinta..

Syamsulfaiz said...

Satu lagi petua. Selagi sihat..MAKANNNNN..!!

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

makan, makan jugak, puasa, puasa jugak, lepas raya kau nak dubai dah...janji (nazar) nak belanja hisham makan dah selesai ke belum beb?

cohong gym said...

Ya betol, kita makan dan makan lagi sampai perut pecah. Kata orang rezeki kita sebenarnya adalah apa yang kita makan.

Bulan puasa ni aku tak jaga makan lansung. Perut pun dah naik. Tengah hari makan (oppsss, kantoi), tengah malam makan, buka puasa makan. Makan je kerja aku.
Gym aku tak pegi. Tak larat beb nak angkat besi. Nanti terbuka puasa pulak.

Farish Shahrir said...

Makanlah puas-puas sebelum kau ke Dubai...nanti kau rindu masakan Emak kau...hahaha

HERMZZ said...

Weh Along... aku baru jumpe blog hang. Pergh.. banyak gak ko punye citer...

Anonymous said...


Aku dah banyak kali jengah blog ko, tp ni first time aku tulis. Nape..sbb aku terkejut badak sumbu dapat kad raya dari ko...thanks!!
ko nak aku balas ke..electronic card boleh?

Mahfudz MTD.

p/s : Hasra dapat replace tmpt ko ke?


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