Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dubai Desert Rock Festival

It is the month of March and for the metal fans in Dubai, it means the time to practice that pogo dance again in an outdoor concert called Dubai Desert Rock Festival. Before I come to Dubai, I have never heard about this festival. Apparently this year's festival is going to be the 6th. The organiser is Center Stage Management who is very active in bringing various international artists to perform live in Dubai.

This year's Desert Rock Festival is featuring:

Arch Enemy




August Burns Red



Sincerely I have never really listened to these bands' music except a few songs by Motorhead and 4 months ago I bought Nervecell's Preaching the Venom album after I found out about them. But I am never too old to be their new fan and enjoy their music after this.

Tomorrow morning the Malaysians community here are going for a community picnic in an island in emirate of Umm al Quwaim. I am sure it is going to be fun and exciting but I have to pass this time. What a shame..but how can I miss Motorhead !! I drew their band's logo on my geography's textbook when I was in secondary school last time. I never imagined I will get the chance to see them alive in my lifetime !

So I have chosen pogo dance and blasting guitar sound over the calm and serene beach. I will enjoy myself ...I should...I need to...I better be..

Rock on....Hell yeah !!

Music has to breathe and sweat, you have to play it live

James Brown
(1933 - 2006)


cohong gym said...

incik, itu concert lagi penting. sekali seumur hidup. itu picnic bole pegi anytime

Jumper said...

It's true what they say about life in Dubai. Here, life is like a big buffet. There is variety to cater for different kinds of interest. All we have to do is to fork out the money from our pocket to enjoy what we want. I'm happy for you that your desire to be rocked and sound-blasted will be fulfilled. So enjoy yourself, yes, you better be!

Dewangga Sakti said...

Opeth rules!
Aku ada beberapa CD Opeth.
Arch enemy adalah Mike Amott punya band (ex-Carcass) dan merupakan band kegemaran Syah sedekad yg lampau.
Kedua-duanya band Sweden.
Swedish death metal rules!

mutakalim said...

Betul zoy,
Along kata: "Sincerely I have never really listened to these bands' music except a few songs by Motorhead."
Takkan along tak pernah dengar arch enemy dan opeth?
Gua dah lama tak dengar tu? idup lagi rupanye band2 nih e.g motohead.

doremon said...

few months back, i recalled u said that moving to dubai is a hell of a decision to make. but you would never expect this right? i mean all the rock/metal bands, gigs and concerts! let say hang mmg dah tau dari awal2 kewujudan semua ni, would the decision making be much easier? he he he!

Syamsulfaiz said...

Hahaha kalau dari dulu aku tahu, memang takdak dilemma langsung..hehe

Arh enemy tu aku ada layanla beberapa lagu tapi tak pernah beli CD. Aku suka lagu My Apocalypse tu. Riff gitar mike mmg lebih kurang dlm carcass. Best. Tapi Opeth tu aku tak dgr sgt. Tapi bestla dpt peluang tgk great musicians main live ni.

Syamsulfaiz said...

Thanks for the moral support. I thought exactly the same way.haha

I definitely will enjoy the concert. It is a dream come true.

hady said...

so, how was the concert?
good? great?
never heard of all of the mentioned band
(im a follower of sheila majid duh..)
but anyway
just go and have fun, dude!

Alif Lam said...

along.. kat dubai xde konsert nasyid ker?


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