Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rain, Water and Sand

I don't know whether it is a bad effect of global warming or what but lately Dubai has been receiving quite an extra litres of water when it rained for a week here. Being a city in a desert, the infrastructure here are not built to withstand rain and because of that even a short rain for 3 minutes could cause a serious flash flood on the road. In fact there is no drainage network or "longkang" in most part of Dubai.

Last 2 weeks I moved to a new apartment in Al Warqaa 1. It is a one bedroom apartment with a balcony at 4th floor. The task of finding this apartment was really quick and easier than I anticipated in My Quest For a New Cave previously. This "cave" is simply meant for me. I like the balcony view which is facing a big mosque with a background of rooftop of houses in nearby downtown Rashidiya. The view reminds me of one of the scenes in James Bond movie when Mr Bond open his window after checking in a hotel in Morocco...wahaha. The rental rate is affordable, the payment term is reasonable, the location is superb and guess what ...I got a free gymnasium and swimming pool now. Cool huh?

Besides the move to a new apartment, I almost forgot to update you guys that I have been hosting a very good friend of mine Zulkifli Hasan as a resident guest at my apartment. Zulkifli is a Phd candidate in University of Durham and currently he is doing an internship in Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance in DIFC Dubai. Zulkifli used to be my classmate during my second degree in Shari'ah years in IIUM. So not only I have a good buddy as a company at home but it turns out Zul is a very good cook. So far I had enjoyed a variety of tasty and quality home made meals like Nasi Tomato, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Nasi Ayam Hainan and a lot more prepared by Zul. I will never forget anybody who gave me a good meal. May Allah bless you buddy !

Recently I have started a new routine of swimming in my pool. I guess the sight of daily rain in Dubai have made me feel closer to water. The "Yang" effect is doing its part in my feng shui. Not only I started to swim but yesterday I went to the beach to jog. So again closer to the water. I am thinking of doing some water sport activities this month. Coincidentally Zul is also a certified Life Guard and he has been teaching me a proper swimming techniques. I think the month of April will be the month of water for me.

That's all for now guys, I am off for my swimming class...blurrpp..blurrppp..blurrpp

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.
Henry Beston
(1888 - 1968)
Writer and Naturalist


NAintriplet said...

kat sini pon ade pool n gym..siap ade bilik sauna...naissss

cohong gym said...

wah, bole la kau train macam yang aku ajar dulu. semoga jadi ketul ketul. Since kau tinggal dekat dengan pantai, mesti ramai chix yang lepak kat sana. so apa lagi, mana gambar gambar chix sexy yang cun?

Anonymous said...

apasal ko tak cari minah arab temankan ko kat sana long? hehehe

Syamsulfaiz said...

Ada sauna? naissss

Aku plan nak join Dubai Marathon lepas ni. But it is still a longgggg way to go.
Janji kehidupan sihatttt..

Ramai chic jogging pagi2 kat pantai. Tapi semuanya menutup aurat, yg joging pakai jubah pun ada. Pelik betul arab ni..

cohong gym said...

Wow, marathon? kau sungguh hebat. Aku kena train lagi kalau nak join marathon. Aku baru je beli treadmill, minggu depan baru sampai. So bole la aku meningkatkan stamina.

Sekarang ni dah jarang pegi gym, hari sabtu & ahad je. Gym dah pindah ke tempat baru. Kecik dari yang dulu. So bila datang weekdays, tak dapat nak concentrate pasal orang ramai dan sempit.

Aku plan nak beli bench, so bole training kat rumah.

Long, tak kisah la nak pakai apa pun. Yang penting kesihatan diri mesti dijaga.

Kau tengok si Bajau, dulu lepas subuh dia dah keluar rumah pegi jogging. Tak tau la sekarang dia buat lagi benda tu. Yang penting semangat dan disiplin. You can do it!

Alif Lam said...

eloklah tu, bertebaran mencari rezeki selepas subuh.. pengalaman aku duduk labuan dulu, subuh awal, tapi waktu ofis tetap 9 to 5, jadi waktu senggang tu memang lama.

hamid, kau di sabah sblm pegi ofis tidor lepas subuh dulu ka bah? kalau di dubai subuh pukul brp lps tu masuk opis pukul brp pulak?

cohong gym said...

Along, semalam opening motogp kat Qatar kena tunda pasal hujan lebat giler. Aku tunggu kat depat tv kat rumah sampai pukul 4.30 pagi, akhirnya diaorang announce, race cancelled. Sedih beb. Aku masih lagi mengatuk.

Syahmi said...

Wah Along, aku kena visit kau lagi ni since dah pindah rumah baru haha....


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