Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Should Be Extraordinary

If I can name only one thing that can make me unhappy, it will be "routine". I dont like routine, I hate it. In all my life I have been trying to avoid it. Which sometimes made me quite an inconsistent person. For example I can never dine in a same restaurant everyday, no matter how tasty the food is. I have to force myself to focus on doing the same set of movement in the morning when rushing for work. Most of the time I will end up doing things which I should not do and arrive late to the office.

Recently I have been blessed with an opportunity to attend and work at a client's office, instead of mine. I was delighted to have a change of route to work every morning and meeting new peoples. I walked to different restaurants everyday for lunch. I learned new office jokes and made new ones with new colleagues. Everyday has been an exciting new day for me especially when I passed by my office in Sheikh Zayed Road heading to the client's office. But now after 4 weeks, I have started to miss my desk, computer and usual colleagues. I think the dust have settled down on me in the client's office and everything has started to feel like routine.

However despite my habit of change, one thing which I constantly and steadfastly feel and do is to miss my wife and son at home. This year I plan to visit them every three months. My last visit was in March. I just bought a flight ticket to come home in early June. Instead of just coming home, I have been blessed with opportunity to arrange Umrah trip with my wife, mother in law and 2 sisters in law. This will be my second Umrah trip InshaAllah...I hope my journey to Mecca will bring good change to me as a person and Muslim.

Until then..

"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction"

Winston Churchill


Jumper said...

Indeed, I wish life is extraordinary; but for someone like me, who gets paid doing routine works with the chocolates, having a life less ordinary is good enough. Like today, I only eat the red M&M's, tomorrow yellow, the day after green and so on....sweeeeet.
By the way, when are we going to do the routine of slurping pulled mee? I kinda of missing that..

cohong gym said...

apa kata kalau kau cuba routine lain pulak. contohnya, pergi kerja waktu malam.

Anonymous said...


hadiaruzilmar said...

patutlah cll pagi2 kejut awal, pegi keja lewat gak...cll pagi2 pun rutin gak kan? apa kata bgn sendiri je pepagi...


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