Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Call for Update

I am sure most of you are familiar with an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. I am one of the frequent readers of Wikipedia as I find some of the information are reliable and accessible from any place in this planet (as long as you are connected to internet). In fact I love encyclopedia and I used to be an encyclopedia bookworm when I was a child (I still remember arguing with a librarian of a mobile public library on why I cannot borrow encyclopedia book).

Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. For more information please read this page.

There is an entry on Music of Malaysia in Wikipedia which have several write up on traditional music, pop music, underground music, Chinese music, Indian music, jazz, classical and world music as well as contemporary music. I think this particular entry on Music of Malaysia need to be updated as the information provided so far is definitely not enough. Though I thank the pioneering volunteers for the existing articles.

For example the write up on traditional music is very general and limited. Its first paragraph talk about silat? and the other two paragraphs just superficially state about ghazal, zapin and dondang sayang. How about inang, joget and asli? The sections on pop music and underground music are more informative than the traditional music. The sections on Islam-influenced pop (why dont just use the term nasyid?), chinese music, indian music require more input.

To all my friends and readers wherever and whoever you are (including myself) I would like to call you to update the entry on Music of Malaysia in Wikipedia so that the readers will have access to a reliable and quality information on our beloved Malaysia's music scenes. I believe the effort will be a great and sincere contribution to the country and ourselves. Don't you love your music?

"Write to be understood, speak to be heard and read to grow"
Lawrence Clark Powell
Librarian, Writer and Critic (1906 - 2001)


Rozaimi said...

This may be the 2nd reason why you are not interested in football...because you are too much into music...am I right?

By the way, I know wikipedia does exist but I have never used it before. Will take a look at it later.

cohong gym said...

This is not the reason he is not interested in football. Dia memang kaki bangku, kaki botol, kaki gay heheheheh.
But, he played rugby in university. Aku punya team mate nih. Caya la Along, walaupun kau tak hensem macam aku, tapi kau tetap boleh main rugby gak.
Aku cadangkan, kau je yang sound kat mamat yang buat wikipedia tu. Suruh dia update. Letak nama Dewangga Sakti pun ok gak.

Rozaimi said...

Rugby player???? you must be joking...hehehe

Syamsulfaiz said...

Yea man I played rugby before in IIUM, not many friends know about that phase of my life. I am flattered cohong still remembers hahaha..

Rozaimi, so in yr opinion music is the 2nd reason why I am not interested in football. Whats the 1st reason?*

*Note: this football talk is pursuant to my comment in Rozaimi's blog.

Rozaimi said...

This is the first reason...my response to your comment in my blog: -

Perhaps because you watched Malaysian league...let me share with you, if you want to fall in love with football, it will be a big mistake for you to start with the Malaysian league...hahahaha

ApOgEE said...

Actually, you can update it yourself. simply register an account for free on wikipedia and you can update the information there. I've already updated some informations in wikipedia (in my field) but I'm not really good in music history.. wuhuu..

However, I've add your band there... Music of Malaysia - External Links

Syamsulfaiz said...

Yup Apogeee, I am reading some materials on traditional music and if I have time will try update the info in Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo! Ambik itu gitar, bikin pukul org, itu pun muzik juga sebab ada bunyi. Ambik itu barbel, hentak kepala cohong, itu pun muzik juga namenye sebab cohong mesti keluarkan bunyi dari mulut dia. Tak percaya, cuba maki dia, konfirm dia maki korang balik!

cohong gym said...

hhahahahah. Aku rasa lebih baik kalau kau amik barbell pastu pukul kepala Bajau ngan kepala kau sendiri. Tengok sapa yng buat bunyi paling kuat.


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