Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well actually I ran out of idea on what should be the title for this post. For the past couple of weeks I have been in deep thinking with myself on my life direction now. It has been 3 months now since I left Kuala Lumpur for Dubai. It has not been an easy choice for me to take and I am glad to know that so far I have managed to overcome all the challenges that came following the move here.

My wife now is in dilemma whether to quit the government job and join me in Dubai for good or keep her job and visit me during long holidays in a year. My wife and I have been discussing a lot about this topic and so far we have not reached a confirmed final conclusion yet. One thing for sure is that the current market condition and news about staffs lay off in all over the world is not helping us at all. But I can say that I am getting busier day by day in the office and for the first time in my career life, I felt grateful and happy for the workload.

One of the issues that keep on bugging us is the security of a government job versus the high return of unsecured expatriate job. To my Malaysians friends, I guess all of you are aware on how secure a government job is, plus the benefits and the pension scheme. On the other hand my job as an expatriate lawyer in UAE gives me the salary that my wife and I have been dreaming all the while. However being a new expatriate and a foreigner, my heart thumps everytime I read the news about lay off around the world, especially in Dubai.

But despite all the uncertainties I think I can rest on a notion that our life after all is just a brief transit in this world. Say that I am destined to live until 70 years old, I have only 38 years to live now. If I know this for a fact I will not in any way choose security over opportunity. I mean what the security is for? Why should I stay in my comfort zone and not see the vast world and its creatures created by Allah? In my opinion there is no security in this world but only opportunity. In my short experience in Dubai so far, I have met a lot of people who have been in any sort of situations in their pursuit of a better opportunity in this world. And they survive ! An opportunity in Dubai has come to me and I grabbed it. Next year or year after it, I dont know whether the same opportunity is still there or I will see a better one. My life is short but sure is long enough to be enjoyed.

Out of respect of one's career I will let my wife to decide about her job. As a husband I can always exercise my prerogative but I don't want to do it yet. Maybe my wife is also seeing a better opportunity by keeping her job..hahaha what do I know. But there are other factors to consider. I hope she knows...

Talking about Transit, 2 weeks ago I received a call from an unknown numbers at 12.30 a.m. I thought it was my alarm ring. It turned out to be an SOS call from a long time friend. He and a wife and 2 children were on their trip to Kuala Lumpur from Newcastle. They transit in Dubai for 24 hours and booked an airport hotel through online booking. However they didn't realise that the hotel is inside the airport before the immigration gate. As they wanted to see Dubai during the day they went throught the immigration counter and got their visit visa. But then they could not check in to the hotel unless they cancel the visit visa.

Syahmi, Shukriah and their 2 lovely angels
(the kids' English were better than mine)

Soon I have to address him Dr Syahmi..

Luckily my friend had my numbers and informed me 2 days before their departure that they intended to meet up with me in Dubai. So after he called, I came to their rescue and booked them another hotel. I could not spent more time entertaining them in Dubai because of the working day, which was regreted, but we managed to catch up for about an hour in the airport when I sent them off the next day. I wish them good luck for their Phd and pray that they will get more good opportunities in the future.

"Go through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the airport. The ones who will drive you are your true friends. The rest aren't bad people, they're just acquaintances"

Jay Leno

American TV Host, Comedian


Jumper said...

I have thought about the same issue you're having now almost about a hundred times since April last year. There are many angles to view it and multiple factors to consider. There are many balancing acts require; to balance the long and short terms, financial and family need, life and work priorities, etc. Dubai is powered by rapid and frequent impulse. One can get lost and get out of control. Mind your step and take your time. There is no single solution to fit all situations. Only you can tell your best fit. Good luck!

HERMZZ said...


I have to agree on these. In so many ways, our life is not just about security. But sometimes, opportunities can comes in disguise. So, one must focus first before deciding for anything.

cohong gym said...

bro, this is one in a life time oppurtunity. so stick with it. pelan pelan kayuh beb. your wife can keep her job in malaysia while u in dubai. sacrifice sikit

Syamsulfaiz said...

True what you said here, there are so many factors to consider. It is quite confusing for me now. It seems like if I get one I lose another. It is all about the risks I am willing to take.

HERMZZ, the opportunity has been good but I can never tell how long it will last.

cohong, to be away from family is very painful. memang sacrifice gila.

HERMZZ said...

to be away from family is really damn painful bro. I do understand how do you feel now. I cant stand it for a week. Imagine am in your shoes now. For sure aku balik.

Alaa... cohong cakap je sacrifice. Tapi Hamid pi London pun hari-hari dok sms je tanya kabar siap nangis2 lagi tu. Dah le, carikla boyfriend baru bro

wahyun said...

adakah bener itu puan shukriah sheriff? waduh...zaman dia ajar PP hampir sume anak2 muridnya di'gagal'kan.
...hingga dia jadi 'legend' sbg 'pembunuh akademik'.

Alif Lam said...

ler.. syuk ikut jejak langkah ahlaam ker.. x baik tau buat penaya org..

hmm.. along bila duk sebelah syahmis saling x tumpah macam bendera pahang..! :)

Syamsulfaiz said...

wahyun, ye shuk ni ialah lecturer killer kau kat UIA dulu la. Dia pernah cerita kat aku dulu bebudak panggil dia lecturer killer masa kelas PP. Batch aku shuk ni.

Alif Lam, cehh bendera Pahang - hitam & putih la tuh...ye la lippy aku ni duduk kat padang pasir, Syahmi duduk kat tempat sejuk..hehehe

Syahmi said...

At last sekarang ni aku dah boleh online dengan lebih kerap... Thanks Along for your hospitality... great to meet you there...and syukur to Allah to have you there...kalau tak duduk surau airport je la :-)

Alif Lam, kalau kau ada sebelah, sure jadi bendera UAE....haha.. Shuk mana ada menaya orang....cuma nak jadi part of the process je.....

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

bigger risk=bigger return

if you want to play safe, then you will get small return...in the end, we need to ask ourselves, what we want to achieve in our life?

working in Dubai as an expat lawyer is bigger risk and the return is big too...working in government sector is a play safe choice, and the return is small...

in your case i think, it is ok for your wife to give up her teaching profession temporarily...yes, she may not be able to rejoin the government but there are more than enuff opportunity for her to rejoin the teaching profession in the private sector

wahyun said...

pembunuh akademik sarwajagat!


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