Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mental Music

Run to the hillssss..run for your live

Is there a music called Mental Music? Huh you don't know? Well I made that one up..

Ever since I came to Dubai I have not been listening to music (except the radio in my car) like I used to back home. And my ears' muscle is getting stiffed and my brain's gel is frozen because of that. It has also been proven that I don't really enjoy listening to MP3 songs through the tiny earphones of my Ipod. I wanted better sound, crispy acoustic quality and material originality !

After Jumaat prayer, I went to Virgin music store and purchased a ticket to Iron Maiden concert. This purchase has been planned since last year. So it wasn't an afterthought. But 2 hours after that whilst patrolling the floors of the Mall of Emirates, I decided to spend more on music. I thought in order to stay sane I must be able to buy and listen to quality CD again.

I went to look for a nice Discman first. But Dubai is all about anything trendy and fashionable and gadget like Discman is considered obsolete already. Next in the search is a mini hifi components. After listened to a few models and brands I found that the price was not worth the quality of the sound. I also thought rather than buying a small off-the-shelf mini hifi (small because of the price), maybe I should look for a quality home theater system, which I found out produce better EQ and offer superb features. Plus the landlord's DVD player that I have at the my apartment has started to play hide and seek with me when it comes to pictures !

At the end I bought a new model of LG DVD + Receiver + 6 ways home theater system. The price was affordable and I like it sounds quality. To complement the purchase I also bought the Iron Maiden's Somewhere Back In Time and Nervecell's Preaching Venom CDs.

That night I fell asleep on my 2nd round of the Iron Maiden's CD. Now I look forward to build up a new collection of CDs in this city.

"Puas hati aku !"



hady said...

its true that people said
dont judge a book by its cover
iron maiden's fan huh?
u look more like a jazz-music-fan

anyway, ur post entry on TRANSIT really made me think... interesting huh, security or opportunity.. life is unpredictable..

Jumper said...

Not just look that can be deceiving. A guy can also be so split up and diversed. I thought you like those muzik nusantara, ghazal and the likes. Now I know you like to be twisted and trashed by the Iron Maiden. Strange fella. Lawyer some more...ha ha..

Anyway, every man deserves to be pampered, especially if he lives and works in Dubai. So enjoy the sharp and crispy sound system.

yuzliyusof said...

lepas hang pi maiden show musti ko hupgred sound system umah ko nanti.. hahaha..

enjoy d show.. if u r maiden harcore, pegi tgk gig maiden umpama cita-cita kita nak pegi Mekah jugak.. at least once in a life...

next time la long.. hahaha.. up d irons... (jeles nih...)

cohong gym said...

wah sudah beli tiket beb. jelous aku siut.

Anonymous said...

jeles2! ...long kim salam kat steve harris. betul laa dubai ni, aku tak leh bayang tok arab layan iron maiden?!

can i play with madness???

HERMZZ said...

Weh Cohong,

Kau kan Dangdut. Apsal lak nak jeles ni??

Syamsulfaiz said...


hady, i am a seasoned thrasher. If not because of my job, you can spot me with long hair, black t-shirt and jeans..hehe. But on the other hand, i do listen to traditional, jazz and blues songs.

jumper, yea dont be deceived by my look haha. Besides my day job, I am a musician. You can check the links to my bands in kL in this blog. Hope I can play music again in Dubai.

yuzli, memang excited gila nak gi tengok Iron Maiden dan Ed ni. Kau apa kabar? Mai turun Dubai la.

cohong/ slash...korang gerenti jeles punya. wahahah

HERMZZ, cohong main bangra la..

ApOgEE said...

huhuhu... rasa macam nak pegi shopping kat Mydin pulak... (itu aje yg ada kat KL nih...)

Long, bila mao belanja percutian ke Dubai untuk dua orang ni?

Anonymous said...

wooo...banyak duit nampak!!!

Alif Lam said...

kat dubai ada grup nasyid x?


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