Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ever since I bought a Macbook laptop and subscribed to internet at home, I am wired to the cyberworld almost 24 hours of my daily life. This could be literally true considering that last night I felt asleep infront of my Macbook and woke up this morning with my hand still on the keypad. I hope I didn't send out any nonsense email whilst unconscious. I am connected at the office and even can google whilst walking, using a blackberry. Indeed I am living in two worlds now.

One of the things which fascinates me lately is on the sharing concept of the internet users worldwide. Like the Mac applications that I am using now, I didn't have to spend any single cent to use the additional software, as I can get it free using the sharewares and freewares abundant in the web. Not only that, the inventors of the software also make sure that the users get all the latest fix and upgrade from time to time. How cool is that !

I naturally tend to be "overdosed" with my new-found hobby. I have long heard about torrent files sharing but never had the time to learn and use it. With the plenty of spare time at home now, I had the chance to use torrent application and ...what a great discovery ! There are several torrent hosting websites in the net that you can choose from. These websites host the files 'torrent-ed' by the users or act as search engines to locate torrent files in the world wide web. My favourite search engines have been isohunt, mininova and pirate bay.

As a background I am a movie maniac. I have spent thousands on purchasing VCD, DVD and VHS tapes. I was also addicted to DVD rental. Sometimes I rented DVDs on daily basis. But with torrent sharing network, I feel like I am the son of a DVD shopowner. I can download any movie I want for free and the picture quality is generally very sharp and high. So far my average downloads are 2 movies per day. I am so addicted to watching all the downloaded movies that I watch a movie before going to work and another movie before going to bed, ....sometimes two movies.

The plus point is that sharing movies in torrent network does not give me the guilty feeling of contributing to piracy industry. Simply because I dont have to pay anything and the guy who uploaded the movie to the network, I believe, would have bought original copy of the movie judging from the picture quality. Yes I will not be contributing moneys to the directors' pockets, but I am not stealing money from them too or give money to the piracy bosses. I am just sharing with my friends. On top of that I sometime donate to them for being very generous friends. So my simple mind says sharing is better than stealing.

Really, I feel very grateful to live in this era !

"It is appalingly obvious our technology has exceeded our humanity"

Albert Einstein


cohong gym said...

kau download citer apa tu? hehehehehe

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam ziarah dari pelajar di bumi eire.. blog hopping :)

ApOgEE said...

download DVD pirate eh?

HH said...

hey brader,

Lu main cakap torrent dalam blog nanti lu kena serang pasal download pirate kang. hahahah.

Anyway bro, good for you to have a Macbook for your companion. I tell you, am using Mac since 2002 and it is life changing experience bro.

By the way, kalau nak download torrent, kalau kat Malaysia, tak payah pakai Mac sebab Mac ni tak fully utilised port 60 tu sebab slow as compared to windows .

ha.. alang2 kau download movie.. lu download la sebijik movie blue kat Cohong yang tengah kegersangan tu. Kesian dia kena tinggalkan si Hamit

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Cohong memang selalu gersang! Siap nyanyi lagu kumpulan Gersang lagi - Masih Aku Terasa!! hahaha

महामंत्री - तस्लीम said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
-Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
{ Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }
[Editor- Children’s Poem & Adult’s Poem]

cohong gym said...

aku tak main la benda-benda macam tu hahahaha


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