Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deira Fish Market

The weather in Dubai is very bad today. It is not only hot and humid but dusty with a visibility of around 100 meters. They say this dust come from nothern Iraq. I hope a strong wind will blow away all these dusts soon. My wife and I are already coughing a lot since last week. Thankfully my son Adrin doesn't suffer the cough. I have been drinking a lot of water to clear my itchy throat.

Yesterday my wife and I executed our weekend's project. It was a trip to Deira Fish Market. The hassle was to go there early in the morning in order to escape the heat. We arrived at the market at 9.00 a.m. It was too late. The temperature was a soaring 39 degrees celcius. There was no parking available in the market compound. I have to drop my wife and son at the market and parked further 300 metres away in Hyatt Hotel. I walked to the market from my car, and I still regret it until now, because it was so hot that I bled my nose rightaway !

However our discovery in the fish market was worth the trip. My wife being a Melanau loves fishes very much. The Deira Fish Market IS the place for the freshest catch in Dubai. To our surprise we also found some species of cockles and fish that is available in Oya, Sarawak. We bought Ikan Lumik and later prepared it with Sarawak sago for our lunch. My wife even prepared her first Dubai umai which was really spicy to me. I told my wife that she should suggest other Melanaus in her hometown to come and work in Dubai, because of the similarity in the fishes.

Because of the heat, we totally forgot to take out camera and snap photos. I was in fact became clumsy a bit trying to finish everything very fast and escape to an air-conditioned environment.

I bought a half mackerel fish. At home we cut it to fillet and I personally prepared a lemon butter mackerel for lunch. The taste was quite satisfactory..hehe. Really, I think I did a good dish yesterday. I like it.

We plan to go to the Fish Market again next week to stock up fresh fishes. My wife's face is beamed up with happiness now that she can eat the freshest fishes again.

"All cats love fish but fear to wet their paws"

Chinese proverb


Jumper said...

An extension to the Chinese proverb in your post....some guy loves fish but hate to wet his sandals and get backsplashes that stain his pants as he walks on the wet floor of a fish market. But the same guy wouldn't mind braving the scorching and dusty weather, struggling to find his way and parking space, bleeding his nose and all, if he is invited for the great home-cooked, fishy meal. And the same guy promise to make himself useful by bringing chocolate and cookies for dessert...But please be warned that the guy can also be shamelessly resourceful that he can bring his plate or tupperware for tapau..ha..ha..ha..

Syamsulfaiz said...

Hahahaha...what a long proverb ! Yes our thought reached you whilst we were chewing the juicy fish. We have a plan in mind. Just make sure you have that tupperware ready for duty and a big box of chocolates to prove your worth.

cohong gym said...

ikan jaws tak de jual ke?

fadeltoha said...

berapa lama your wife & adrin cuti kat sana?


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